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Roger's Story

"Moving to the USA was a great experience, while also challenging to leave my children behind. I found myself searching for my purpose in this new environment.

My father was a carpenter, and as a boy I had the opportunity of working alongside him and his co-workers. Even though it wasn't my passion at the time, that was my foundation. I started working with my aunt hanging drywall and taping, and I developed a passion for working with drywall. In 2017 I set myself on the intention of starting a construction company. In 2019, Pensa Contruction was a born.

Pensa Construction means (THINK CONSTRUCTION), this name was selected by my children and me.

In January 2018 I moved to Vermont for a construction project and Pensa Construction was born. Together we are rising, and helping each other to achieve our family goals. We have strong family values, and we are very grateful to be blessed with good fortune, endurance and vision. Pensa Construction is now more than a vision, it is real, we’re living it. One day at a time.

Thank you for all of your support. We are more than grateful.

Have a beautiful and blessed day."

Pensa Construction is a locally owned and operated small business, with strong family values and a commitment to doing a job properly the first time. Take a look through our gallery or check out our Facebook page and see our work.

For any questions you might have, please give us a call.

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